BowlerStudio is a robot development application that combines scripting and device management with powerful control and processing features.

  1. Welcome to BowlerStudio
  2. Gist Code Hosting
  3. Clojure Scripting
  4. Kotlin scripting
  5. Python scripting
  6. JavaCad CheatSheet
  7. MobileBase Devices
  8. JBullet Physics Engine
  9. Hardware
  10. Arduino
  11. Scripts As Functions
  12. Git-as-Filesystem
  13. Debugging and Development

DyIO First Steps

So, You bought a DyIO and want to know how to get started? This tutorial will get you set up and coding on mac, windows, and Linux.

  1. Anatomy of the DyIO
  2. Installing Software and Drivers
  3. Testing with the DyIO Tab in Bowler Studio
  4. Setting up a Processing Sketch
  5. Setting up an Eclipse Project
  6. Where to go next

BowlerStudio Hardware

BowlerStudio can connect to lots of different kinds of hardware, this tutorial will show you how.

  1. DyIO scripting
  2. Cameras
  3. GCODE Devices
  4. Game Controllers
  5. Custom Bowler Devices

BowlerStudio Features

This tutorial explores some of the features of BowlerStudio.

  1. Text To Speech
  2. Using Tabs
  3. Play Wav File
  4. Using JSON

JBullet Physics Engine

BowlerStudio can simulate parts and assemblies in a physics engine.

  1. Simulate Cube
  2. Simulate 2 Objects
  3. Simulate MobileBase
  4. MobileBase with Obstacles
  5. Custom Physics with JBullet

Bowler Protocol

Learn about the Binary RPC based protocol your computer and bowler devices use communicate with each-other.

  1. Overview
  2. Packet Format
  3. RPCs and Namespaces
  4. A look at the DyIO
  5. A look at the BowlerBoard
  6. Namespace
  7. com.bcs.PID namespace

A Simple Java Tutorial

A simple tutorial teaching the basics of java programming.

  1. Binary
  2. Primitive Types
  3. For Loops
  4. While Loops
  5. If Statements
  6. If Statements Quiz
  7. Else/If Statements
  8. Else Statements
  9. Classes
  10. Constructors

Bowler Kinematics

General kinematics and BowlerStudio Kinematics engine tutorial.

  1. Kinematics
  2. Advanced Kinematics
  3. Kinematics Model
  4. Analytic Solver
  5. Iterative Solver
  6. CAD Scripts
  7. Custom Kinematics
  8. Moving Kinematics Devices

Bowler Arduino/Java

A tutotial for implementing a new Bowler device on microcontrollers and in Java/Groovy to send and receive data from java to hardware and back.

  1. Arduino Blink Light
  2. Arduino Basic Server
  3. Java Basic Client
  4. Arduino Custom Namespace
  5. Java Client Custom namespace
  6. Load the DyIO Firmware