CAD Scripts

Simulating is great for prototyping, finding issues and tweaking the design before much time or materials are invested. The next logical step is hardware, which is accomplished in Bowler Studio through the use of CAD Scripts. Once the design and function are sufficient, exporting to CAD for 3D printing, machining or other rapid prototyping methods is a simple button press away. Installing standard servos and connections couldn’t be simpler, allowing for robots to go through the entire design process up to initial build quicker than ever before!

Allowing a designer to concentrate fully on function rather than form or compatibility allows for a richer design experience, as well as lowered development time. Robot arms, walkers or mobile robot platforms can be great productivity (or educational) tools and with the capability to have the non-function design work automated more advanced systems are possible faster than one can be ordered. Full system approaches like Bowler Studio lower the bar for manufacturing and learning yet raise the standard on robot design.