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BowlerStudio is a robot development application that combines scripting and device management with powerful control and processing features.

BowlerStudio brings a Configurable kinematics engine based on D-H parameters, A Fully Featured JCSG based Cad and 3d Modeling engine, and a Built in WebKit browser capable of viewing documentation and executing code directly from Github Gists. Scripting langauges supported:

  • Java/Groovy
  • Python
  • Clojure

Scripts can be loaded from your hard drive and modified using an editor of your choice, or loaded from Github gists for a truly "backed up in the cloud" coding experience.

Robots are simulated with the fast and accurate MuJoCo Physics Engine. Users can test out configurations and different motors all before printing and buying parts.

BowlerStudio features the Creature Creator, a co-engineering interface that lets users generate robots with slide bars. The application will generate 3d printable STL's that will walk just like the generated robot on the screen.

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BowlerStudio Release

BowlerStudio Minium Spec: 64 bit 2.2ghz Quad Core w/ 16GB (32GB RAM recommended) ram, OpenGL3.0+ and 512mb disk space

Choose your Installer

Advanced File Editors:

Advanced Users:

BowlerStudio Minium Spec: Java 8 64 bit, and JavaFX u60+, 2.2ghz Quad Core w/ 16GB (32GB RAM recommended) ram, OpenGL3.0+ and 512mb disk space

BowlerStudio Standalone Jar

Kernel Minium Spec: 1GB RAM, Java 8, and JavaFX u60+ (x86, x64 and ARMv6 Hf supported)

Bowler Kernel Jar

Rasberry Pi Instructions (Kernel Only)

	sudo apt update
	sudo apt-get install openjdk-8-jdk openjdk-8-jre-headless
	export JAVA_HOME=$(readlink -f /usr/bin/java | sed "s:bin/java::")
	sudo unzip -d $JAVA_HOME/../
	# for a REPL
	java -jar bowler-kernel.jar -r
	# to run a script
	java -jar bowler-kernel.jar -g launch.groovy